As the son of an antiques dealer in the American midwest, I've been steeped in the rich visual heritage of American culture since my earliest days. I received a BFA in Graphic Design from Miami University, and have since spent over a decade working as a professional designer. I have managed design teams at huge multi-national corporations, freelanced for cash-strapped startups, and most everything in between.

After growing up in the suburbs and spending a number of years in the city, I now live and work in a small round house on a beautiful eight-acre property in rural central Ohio.

The wonders of the modern internet allow me to provide top-shelf design services, speedy real-time communication, no-hassle file delivery and post-design production support and troubleshooting for my clients from the comfort and beauty of our little plot in the country.

I work hard to earn a reputaton of being flexible and easy to work with. I treat every project with the same amount of care and attention, regardless of size or client.

I am always interested in taking on new projects, so please get in touch if you have a design need you'd like to discuss.